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Now, every week we have a supply in one of the repairs. Every week can repair its terminal by a SUPER price cheap.
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It remembers every week, a supply!

We repair iPhone, iPad Dunked

Repair iPad
Repair iPad

We repair iPad

Repair iPad To repair to screen iPad, tactile repair iPad, technical service iPad. Changes of flex, batteries housings etc.
Repair iPad
Shipments to All Spain

We repair Mac Apple - MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iBook, iMac, etc.

  to repair Mac in Barcelona

Technical service Mac Barcelona. Repair of Apple computers
to release iphone by imei


Hours  Schedule of Monday through Friday 10:00 to 20:00
Outside schedule to call to - the 672-723-467, 663-675-526

In the following list the most frequent repairs and their prices are included
If it has not found what needs, it contacts with us by telephone 931-24-24-88

Htc Desire

  Diagnosis Gratuitous
  Repair Touch screen (Digitizer) To consult
  Repair Screen LCD To consult
  Repair motherboard from 90€

Htc Wildfire

  Diagnosis Gratuitous
  Repair Touch screen (Digitizer) To consult
  Repair Screen LCD To consult
  Repair motherboard from 90€

Mini Htc

  Diagnosis Gratuitous
  Repair Touch screen (Digitizer) To consult
  Repair Screen LCD To consult
  Repair motherboard from 90€

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