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Repair iPad

Repair iPad

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You need a native application for iPhone or what you want is an application Web “Webapp”? We helped you.

In iPhone Applications we offer a service for professionals who need the creation of a native application or an application or adaptation via Web, optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. He does not doubt in putting itself in touch with usin order to request a customized budget to us. We also were in charge of arduous publication process of their application a App Store.


  • Everything a world of new applications.
    iPhone brings amazing applications of series, but you can find many in App Store and more unload them a simple touch. Your iPhone improves with each new application; you can play, work or be entertained. You will find applications for everything what you need to do with your iPhone.

  • Your iPhone improves with each new application.
    You have never seen applications as those of iPhone in no other mobile phone. It verifies how with them iPhone is able to make things still more.

  • Beam site for your applications Web.
    The applications Web conjugate the power of Internet with the simplicity of the Multi-Touch technology, and everything in a screen of 3.5 inches. iPhone and iPod touch allows you to easily consult the news with a finger and to look in a second the billboard of the cinema, the preferred schedules of the train and your blogs, between many other things…

  • Web Apps with a single click.
    When you find an application that you like, you can put it in the beginning screen. It is enough with opening to the application Web with your iPhone or iPod touch and being called on to the plus sign and the button “To add to beginning screen”. A Paper clip Web will be added to your screen of beginning automatically so that you can open it easily. You have up to nine screens of beginning to all Clips Web and can organize them as you want.