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Now, every week we have a supply in one of the repairs. Every week can repair its terminal by a SUPER price cheap.
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It remembers every week, a supply!

We repair iPhone, iPad Dunked

Repair iPad
Repair iPad

We repair iPad

Repair iPad To repair to screen iPad, tactile repair iPad, technical service iPad. Changes of flex, batteries housings etc.
Repair iPad
Shipments to All Spain

We repair Mac Apple - MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iBook, iMac, etc.

  to repair Mac in Barcelona

Technical service Mac Barcelona. Repair of Apple computers
to release iphone by imei

To repair htcWe repair HTC


Hours  Schedule of Monday through Friday 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00


We Really Know As Repairing
Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Favorite!

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To repair iPhone To repair iPad To repair iPod
7 We repair to your iPhone in a time record and with superb prices. We will work to the maximum so that it you can return to have in the smaller possible time! It repairs your iPad in a specialized Technical Service in products of Apple, with all tranquillity. All our works have guarantee

Our objective is to offer to our clients, maximum quality with the very economic prices. For any consultation 931-24-24-88
You look for a Technical Service of repair of your iPhone or iPad? You look for something economic? Something urgent?

These working or you don't have time to take it to the store? You want a fast service and with quality?

“The difference not this in the price, this in the quality.”

   Then this page is for you!

To repair iPod, Service of iPod

Our center of repair realises all type of repairs with the low prices but of the market. In our center they work highly professional qualified that is arranged to make any repair, using only replaced OEM (OEM). Between all the centers of repairs we have the low prices but, thanks to our suppliers that only distribute pieces OEM with manufacturer guarantee.
Technical service iPad

    To repair iPad
To repair iPhone, iPhone service

You have iPad that does not work? You do not worry, it sends or brings us to us to the office, and we will be in charge to fix it as rapidly as possible. All our works have guarantee
Technical service iPhone

    To repair iPhone
Urgent service

If something does not work us correctly you can bring or send your iPhone. We will work to the maximum so that it you can return to have in the smaller possible time!

    Service door door

With ArmiTexnology you do not have problems to repair iPhone, iPod, or iPad, we have picked up service and gives to your house. In 24/48 you will have your repaired equipment, without leaving house.

  Attention to the Client
  YOU GO: armitexnology - 12:00 to 15:00
  [email protected]
  Tel: 931-24-24-88

Service express, fast, in 24/48 hours

Urgencies: 693-866-829

To repair iPhone, To repair, iPod or iPad, everything in a site. We realise urgent services, with quality and guarantee

iPhone 4    iPhone 3G    iPhone 2G    iPod Video    iPod nano    iPod Touch   

Call to us and our operators will respond to their questions and would help to choose the fast and economic option but.Service available stops. Or you can always call us if you want to know more about what kind of database we are using, for example, MySQL database, MSSQL, and many more.
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